Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette | Review


I’ve been really looking forward to reviewing this palette! I was able to get my hands on it when Ulta had their one day presale with Morphe. It was great that they had that option for their Platinum members. I have a lot to say about the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette, so if you’re interested, keep reading! I’ve included titles to each part of the review, in case you just want to read certain parts.

Packaging of the Jaclyn Hill Palette

Let’s talk about the packaging first! It’s silver and white and just very sleek. I like the colors as they’re simple and elegant. Jaclyn Hill recently changed the packaging so the cover is more shiny, which makes the palette easier to clean. I believe people were complaining about the previous packaging because it was hard to clean, which I understand. It is disappointing to those customers who purchased the palette before the new packaging, if they are really bothered by it. I know I do enjoy the new packaging, as I hate when my palettes get dirty and can’t be cleaned. Ulta will have the new packaging once Morphe is launched in stores & online.

There is also another change; the palette now has the shade names on the back! I mean, I’m shocked the previous packaging didn’t have this. I can see how that can be a pain in the ass for people reviewing and/or doing tutorials.


Why did the packaging change?

Jaclyn Hill says the main reason for the packaging being change is because Ulta wanted it with their Morphe launch. There is a lot of controversy about this being a tactic for people to buy the palette again and for Morphe/Jaclyn to make more money. I don’t know what to believe! It does make sense, and the palette should have had the new packaging before. Jaclyn Hill has been a beauty guru for a long time, and I feel like she should know this, especially since the palette took 2 years to complete. What do you think?

Pricing of the Jaclyn Hill Palette

I wish the palette came with a mirror as well, instead of the big message when opened. I feel like a mirror would have made me love the palette. The price of the palette is $38; affordable for 35 eye shadows, averaging out to a little over $1 for each eyeshadow. Luckily, I was able to get the palette for $23 with my Ulta coupon. My problem with the pricing is that Morphe palettes have always been cheaper than this.. from what I’ve seen. I know Jaclyn said the palette is more expensive because of the formula, but who knows. I just wish a mirror was included since the price is a lot higher than other Morphe palettes.

The Eyeshadow Formula of the Jaclyn Hill Palette

 Now, on to the actual formula of the eyeshadows! I’m impressed with most of the shadows, but disappointed with a few. I will definitely say that the colors are not consistently the same quality. When swatching the shadow, the consistency of the matte shades are creamy. The consistency of the shimmers are less creamy and more gritty, which makes sense. The pigmentation of pretty much all the shades is on point. I don’t think I played around with one shade that wasn’t really pigmented. They are easy to blend, I don’t have to spend much time blending colors together to get the look what I want. All of the colors work and blend well with each other.

The Color Scheme of the Jaclyn Hill Palette

I do have a few favorites, and the color scheme is almost amazing. My one complaint about the color scheme is there are four matte shades in the palette that are SO similar, “Silk Creme, “M.F.E.O”, “Pooter” and “Pookie” are all caramel brown colors, with one being a slightly darker caramel brown.. I think she could have included different shades as these are just way too similar and it seems half assed. I’m not saying they’re ugly colors, they’re just too much alike.

Other than these four colors, 31 of the colors are beautiful. There is a wide selection of shades and so many looks can be created from the palette. I love when palettes have a good color scheme so I don’t have to dip into multiple palettes for one look. I know a lot of people feel the same after reading reviews, so she did good job with that!

Shimmer Shades of the Jaclyn Hill Palette


The shimmer shades are very pigmented, not a lot of fall out, and are beautiful. I suggest using a wet brush or your fingers as a dry brush will not pick up much pigment. Overall, the colors are gorgeous, and shimmers are my favorite. I love “Pool Party”, “Royalty”, “Sissy”, and “Firework”. The best part is that all of the shimmers are completely different. “Pool Party” is an amazing bright, shimmery, turquoise color. “Royalty” is a dark purple, shimmery, eggplant color. “Sissy” is a gorgeous, shimmery pink color.

Matte Shades of the Jaclyn Hill Palette


On to the matte shades, which I am a little disappointed with. Most of the matte shades have a LOT of fall out, mainly the darker shades, such as “Hunts” and “Jacz”. It’s to the point where there is eyeshadow fall out on my face when blending these. Although they are pigmented, the fall out is just overwhelming! You really need to dip in with a VERY light hand. I’m fine with some fall out, as most shadows that are pigmented do have fall out.. but the amount of fall out that these shadows have isn’t acceptable.

I do love the shades of brown in the palette. Above are my favorite colors and they are just beautiful, not too dark. I’m not a fan of dark brown eyeshadow as it just doesn’t look good on me. I do enjoy the variety of mattes in this palette, and she did do a good job with this. I also like that there is a corresponding shimmer color with most matte colors and they are next to each other; this makes it easy to create an eye look.

Pros & Cons

Let’s break it down..


Affordable, $38 for 35 eyeshadows

Highly pigmented

Easy to blend

31/35 very different shades

Beautiful color scheme


Mattes have a lot of fall out

4 of the shades are very similar

No mirror

More expensive than other Morphe palettes (but still affordable for 35 good quality eyeshadows)

All done!

Phew!! If you got this far, thank you for reading! Overall, more pros than cons; I do like the palette.. and will continue to use it. I’m in love with the shimmer shades and some of the matte shades. If you have the palette, do you like it? If you don’t, do you want it? Drop me a comment so I can read what you think and check out your blog! Be sure to subscribe to my blog by entering your e-mail in the little box on the right site of my website >>>>>



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