Laura Geller Illuminator Palette Review + Swatches


In this palette you get 3 illuminators and a brush for $19, which is a sale price from $32. An illuminator from this collection on its own is $26 for 0.16 oz., while each illuminator in this palette is 0.07 oz. With the sale price on this palette, each illuminator averages out to be $6.33 for 0.07 oz. of product, which is still a deal considering the normal size illuminator from this collection is 0.16 oz. for quadruple the price.

The nice thing about this palette is you can try three different shades which are all very different from each other. The formula for these three colors is creamy, not chalky, and applies easily to the skin. The overall power of this highlight is not overbearing, it’s more subtle which I like. It’s pigmented and picks up easily on a brush. The brush that comes with this palette is ok, I’m not use to using a brush that is harder (I forgot what this is called lol).

I really love “Gilded Honey”, which is a caramel honey color, as it looks nice on my medium skin tone. I believe “Peach Glow”, which is a peachy champagne shade, will look nicer on fair skin, while “Ballerina”, which is a rose gold, can work with more medium to darker skin tones.

I do have the shade “Diamond Dust” in the normal size from this collection and didn’t like it. I found it to be more of a chalky consistency, and totally different from this palette. I was shocked that “Diamond Dust” was a fail for me as these highlighters are very popular. It’s not surprising that a brand comes out with multiple shades of a product and not all of them are consistent. I also didn’t find “Diamond Dust” to be my favorite shade.


From top to bottom: Peach Glow, Gilded Honey, Ballerina



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