Review: Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette


Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette


Too Faced is a cruelty free prestige make-up brand that has really great products. The Natural Love palette is one of the newest products released by Too Faced.

Let me just say how excited I was to try this palette because I love Too Faced and I love the eyeshadow colors. The best way to describe the shades is “pretty”, very feminine. Most of the shades in this palette are my go to colors. I am in love with “Kitten”, “Lovebug”, and “Honeymoon”, but I wouldn’t buy the palette just for that alone.

One factor I like about this palette is the variety of colors. You can create so many different looks with the palette as there are both intense and neutral colors; 13 shimmer, 7 matte, and 10 sparkle shadows. Whether you want to do a day time natural look or a smokey night time look, there are colors in this palette that will be perfect. I will say, the palette does not seem to have any type of “theme”, the colors are all over the place, which may have been the point? Also, when I think of “natural”, a lot of these shades don’t come to mind, especially “Stiletto” and “Night Fever”. That is just my opinion.


The cost of the product is a lot, but there are 30 eye shadows; each eye shadow costing $2 each. Is the palette worth it? I don’t think so…..

The pigmentation when swatched on the hand is pretty satisfying, but a lot of the shades are chalky and have a lot of fall out. The colors do not come out as pigmented on the lids, and most of the shimmer shadows are chalky. The pigmentation of the matte shadows is definitely better than the shimmer shadows. But is the palette worth buying just because half the shadows are good quality? Definitely not for $59!


I usually pay attention to the product more than the packaging, but the packaging is horrible. I like the flowers on the cover, but I wish brown wasn’t used, I’m not a fan of brown and pink combined. It looks super tacky. I do like the mirror, and the gold color used on the inside of the palette. The packaging is sturdy, and I usually love the packaging Too Faced uses except for this.

Let me know what you think of the palette!



2 thoughts on “Review: Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Tigritsa says:

    Thanks so much for an honest review! The palette looks pretty for sure and I think the colours are great. But I hate chalky shadows. It seems like their last few palettes have had this issue.

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