Semi Annual Sale Shopping Haul

For some reason Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret seems to have great deals around the same time, which makes it so hard on my bank account, haha. Anyways, B&BW has their semi-annual sale right now, with most of their body washes, lotions, and candles 50%-75% off. I bought a few body washes even though I am prone to breaking out from their products. Fortunately, they have not broken my skin out this time around! I have not used their body washes for about 5 years, so I’m guessing their new products have taken out some ingredient to make them better for my skin. I’m pretty excited because I do like their scents, and for $3 each that isn’t bad at all. I will not be buying their body washes unless there is a sale, because they really do not moisturize my body as much as other body washes do. I also don’t think the scent of the body wash stays on my skin very long.

I absolutely love the Cucumber Melon scent which they bring back sometimes, and the Golden Pineapple Luau Body Scrub.

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is what I am MOST excited for. Some of my favorite perfume products are 65% off!!! This just got me so excited because Victoria’s Secret is so expensive and I hate buying their products full price. Considering I had a coupon for $10 off, I really got a great deal.


My favorite Victoria’s Secret perfume is Tease, and this set is usually $65; I got it for $20 with my coupon. It’s worth being an Angel Card member lol 🙂

Anyways, go check out the awesome deals for both of these stores. I know I love a great deal and rarely buy from these two stores at full price as it can get so expensive!



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