ZuZu Luxe Mineral Bronzer



Let me just rave about how happy I am that I found this product. I’ve tried so many bronzers, from high end brands to drug mart brands. I love this bronzer because a little goes a long way, and it doesn’t make me look orange at all. Just a small dab can add so much color to my face, and it looks so natural! I have sensitive skin and it has not made me break out at all. Unfortunately, there are only two colors, the first (D-28), being a lighter bronze and the second (D-32), being a darker bronzer. I am usually tan so I chose the darker bronzer, D-32.

My favorite aspect of this bronzer is how it makes my face glow, while adding some color. I love it, and have never used a bronzer as good as this one. Unfortunately, I have only seen it in my local organic store, so it is not sold in drug stores or places like Sephora and Ulta. I would highly suggest watching YouTube videos to look at swatches before purchasing a specific color.

There is one downfall to this product, I have had it for two weeks and it already broke inside the compact. Not sure if the packaging is cheap or not, but it’s disappointing when your bronzer that you paid so much for makes a mess like that.

This product is also vegan so it isn’t tested on animals, and gluten-free. Not sure what it means when a bronzer is gluten-free, oh well. If you are looking for organic or cruelty free products, ZuZu Luxe is a great brand. I have only had the opportunity to try their bronzer, lipgloss, and mascara, and would definitely recommend all but the mascara.

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