Smashbox Be Legendary Lipgloss & Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer Review & Swatches

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I’ve never really tried this brand but have heard things about it, I know it’s very popular. Anyways, there are two different Legendary Lip Glosses by Smashbox, one that is just lip gloss and one that is a long-wearing lip lacquer. I’m not sure why Smashbox made two separate Legendary brands of lip gloss/lacquer when both brands should be long wearing? Especially for the price? Hmm.. there are different colors to each though, but who would buy the regular one over the long lasting lip gloss?

If I’m going to pay $20.00 for one lip gloss, you best believe it will be long wearing! Lol, the long wearing lip lacquer is $4 more, being $24, which is just over priced for this product that I didn’t really like. Both are very glossy and offer vibrant colors. Want to know more? Read on….

I’ve tried both products, first the Be Legendary Lip Gloss and then the Be Legendary Long Wearing Lip Lacquer. As for the Be Legendary Lip Gloss, it was VERY glossy. I’m not a fan of super glossy, makes my lips too big when they already are. I don’t even think this would flatter someone with smaller lips. It’s very sticky, actually my hands were sticky after applying it. I guess you can use it over a lipstick, but still, too sticky! They do offer some nice colors, if only they weren’t so shiny and sticky.. haha. Not only are there all of these cons to the product, but it wipes right off; is not long wearing at all. Why spend $20 on a product you will have to reapply all day?


These are swatches without flash from left to right.

Sugar Cane, Cognac, Rosette, Legendary, Azalea, Disco, Vivid Violet

Cute names? 🙂

Now, on to the Be Legendary Long-Wearing Lip Lacquer. I liked this a little better than the gloss, but it still very shiny and sticky. There are A LOT more colors than this to choose from, and if I HAD to choose between the two lip products, I would choose this. I would not say it is “long-wearing” though.


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