LUSH Cosmetics Movis Face Cleanser


What a great face wash that I have found from LUSH Cosmetics, it’s made with all natural ingredients and I love it. The Movis Face Wash Bar is specifically for sensitive skin and has wheat based ingredients and is enriched with Vitamin E. Before I started using this face wash, I was buying Image SkinCare every month which is $30 just for face wash. It’s expensive and it worked, but I needed a cheaper alternative. This soap is $9 per 3.5 oz., I bought a little less than that and have had it for over a month. I still have 3/4 of the bar left, and should last me another two months. It’s definitely worth the $6 that I spent, and my face looks clearer than ever.

“Grab a slice of Movis for a rich and moisturizing clean. This face soap is the first of its kind – its spongy texture is packed full of wheat-based ingredients and is rich in vitamin E to help skin look smooth and radiant. Whole wheat breadcrumbs are mixed right in to help exfoliate and revive the skin, while gently scrubbing away any dry bits. And with cleansing labdanum and sandalwood oil, your face will feel refreshed and clear.”

Even if I don’t apply toner or moisturizer for the day, the cleansing bar is just enough. My face feels so moisturized afterwards. Actually, I had tried a face scrub sample from LUSH before trying this product, and it made me break out on my cheeks. I started using this bar and the pimples went away within two days. I haven’t had break outs since, even when I forget to wash my bronzer off at night! It’s such a good product that’s affordable and lasts forever, and that’s what I like about LUSH.. their products last months.

This is my face after washing with Movis Facial Cleanser, no toner or moisturizer.


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6 thoughts on “LUSH Cosmetics Movis Face Cleanser

  1. charlypriest says:

    Hi Natasha, I could use some kind of moisturizer on my hands, they look like the ones of the Hulk….. kind of weird. So you are studying psychology? That´s great, you already have a new patient and you haven´t even started to work! I just doing you a favour, I am a humanitarian, or I´m delussional?….. Anyways, glad meeting you, gald you passed through my crazy blog, that was it right! That is what got you following me, the Crazy!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA! 😉
    Take care, have a great weekend.


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