Alley Cat in Cleveland, OH – Restaurant Review


1056 Old River Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113

Rating: little_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjh 3/5

Hi! I haven’t posted a restaurant review in a long time and I figured I would start with the most recent restaurant I’ve tried. On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to a festival for Memorial Day weekend, and there were a lot of restaurants in the area that we hadn’t tried before. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Alley Cat, and they are most known for their oyster bar. There is a variety of different foods on the menu, from meats to mostly seafood. I have not tried their oysters, and I have never had an oyster in my life, so I can’t really comment on those. They did look interesting though!

First off – I like talking about the scenery and feel of the restaurant. When we went, it was very busy; apparently a two hour wait (but no one else was waiting?), so we sat at the bar. The bar was somewhat busy as well, but we were able to find open seats. I didn’t see the entire restaurant, as it is very big. The inside is nice and a little fancy but still very casual. The outside patio is great because you can eat and look at the water. When it comes to this aspect of the restaurant, it’s a 5/5!

Now, for the most important part; the food! There is a large selection on the menu, which is great. I was able to try their mussels, for those who follow my blog you know that I love mussels. These mussels were very good; they were big and a large portion. Usually mussels come with a broth or sauce at the bottom and bread, but I wasn’t in love with it. It was a very plain tomato broth with barely any bacon, which I’m fine with. My boyfriend also tried the New England Clam Chowder, which was amazing. Luckily it had a lot of clams in it which is always a plus.


On to the main entrees, my boyfriend ordered the Faroe Island Salmon, which came with black rice and yellow squash. The entire dish had a thai taste to it which was weird for salmon, I didn’t like it. I just don’t think salmon should have thai flavors mixed in with it, and there was no label on the menu about the sauces used. My boyfriend liked it but I didn’t, although I have to admit the salmon was really soft.


I ordered the Grouper Cheeks, which came with mashed potatoes, squash, and some kind’ve alfredo sauce. All of my food was drenched in this sauce and it was just too much. The grouper was also cut up which I didn’t expect, and there wasn’t much of it at all. As for the taste, I did like the grouper, it was better quality, and the mashed potatoes were good. I had a major stomache afterwards because it was too oily and saucey (is that a word? haha).


For dessert we tried the Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt cake, my boyfriend loved it and once again I didn’t. It was barely any cake and mostly caramel sea salt mousse. I guess I like an even ratio when it comes to cake.

Would I come to this restaurant again?

Definitely not for dinner, but maybe appetizers if the patio is open since it overlooks the water. There are definitely more restaurants in that area that overlook the water though! I may go back and try their oysters, as they are included in happy hour too.



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