Couponing with Rachel


Couponing with Rachel is a website dedicated to coupons and deals, and who doesn’t love a great deal? Rachel is obviously the owner of the website and is a typical mother from Ohio. Her website has been featured on various TV segments and newspapers. She also offers classes in Ohio for those who want to learn how to save money in an easy way. At the moment, Rachel offers two different types of classes; Couponing 101 and Shopping at the Stores. There is a page on her website dedicated to the classes and talks about ways to sign up. There are classes offered at various libraries with are free, which is definitely an awesome perk. I have a lot of respect for her for wanting to help people save.

Anyways, on to the website and couponing. The website is updated frequently with daily deals and coupon codes that can be used online and in stores. There are a number of coupons in which you can click on “clip”, and they will be added to your cart. Once you finish clicking “clipping” all of your coupons, you can then print them out. It’s as easy as that, and a great way for busy moms or dads to save money. For people like me, it’s a perk because I can save money and buy more make-up. 🙂

Click here to check out Couponing with Rachel!


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