BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

BH cosmetics is a make-up line primarily online, as I have not seen it in any stores yet. The prices are very affordable, and they always have sales on their website. Recently, I decided to try their liquid lipstick product and ordered two different colors online. I received the lipsticks within a few days, which was surprising and awesome!! Now, when it comes to the quality of the lipstick, there are a few pros and cons.

First, the pros:

It is a lip stain, and does a great job of being a lip stain! It lasts on my lips for a long time, even after drinking. When it comes to long wear, I would give it a 5/5.

The colors are gorgeous.

They’re not expensive, for what they are at least. Originally $11, but right now they have a sale for $8, and sometimes $6. It’s hard to find a long lasting lipstick that cheap.


The consistency on my lips is a little weird. It isn’t creamy at all and isn’t nourishing.

You may need to apply more than one coat, which some people may mind, but I really don’t if the price is right.

Here are some pictures of the two colors I have, the pink one being “Endora”, and the red one being “Lust”. These swatches are with and without flash, I would have to say Endora is more like the first (non flash) picture. It’s gorgeous!! 

This is “Lust” on me, with and without flash. Surprisingly, this is my first time wearing red lipstick, and I was a little scared. I really like this color and think it would suit a lot of skin colors.   

The colors are definitely unique; I would love to try “Clara” and “Muse”.

Have you ever tried this cosmetics line?




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