Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer


Lately I have been on the hunt for a good lip primer, because let’s face it, buying good quality lip stains gets expensive after a while. A lip primer is supposed to make your lipstick stay on longer than it would by itself.

I can’t say I’m super experienced with lip primers, as this is the third one I have tried, but I do love it. It makes my lipstick stay on a lot longer, and definitely nourishes my lips. I think this is also dependent upon what lipstick you wear as well. If I put a lipstick on from Revlon, it will stay on a bit longer but will not stay on after eating. I’m not sure whether this is the best lip primer out there, but it does keep lip stains on longer, and I’ve tried a few lip stains with this primer and it did last through eating.

There is a matte lip primer, as well as a gloss lip primer, that are sold separately. I have the matte lip primer, as I am not a fan of glossy lips on myself. Another aspect of this primer that I like is it dries pretty quickly and prevents my lipstick from bleeding.

“Prep your pout with a hydrating, quick-drying formula that pampers while it primes. Locks down lip color, ensuring it won’t feather, fade or transfer, even through the most challenging, late-night make out sessions.”

Built-in applicator delivers the ideal amount of product for even coverage

Quick drying formula guarantees color locks down fast”



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