Anastasia Liquid Lip Stain

If you’re a follower of my website, you have probably noticed that I have been raving about lip stains lately. I’m always trying to find new products to try, and right now my favorite brands are Sephora and NYX, until I came across Anastasia Lip Stains! These are by far the best lip stain I have tried, I sampled some of their stains on my arm, and two days later it hasn’t washed off! At a pricey $20 a lip stain, it is worth it since it lasts so long, which means less use of the product and less buying!

This line definitely has some vibrant colors, which has helped me come out of my comfort zone!

Anastasia Lip Stains


Right now, I love “Lovely”, ‘Vamp”, “Milkshake”, and “Heather”! Let me know if you have tried these lip stains, or have any other suggestions for me to try!



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