30 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite TV Shows


Day #6!

My favorite TV Shows are Criminal Minds, American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Bates Motel, Kitchen Nightmares, Catfish, and The Office.

Criminal Minds is such an awesome show, all of the characters have become my favorite! I will admit that some of the episodes are repetitive, but overall it’s a great show.

My favorite season of American Horror Story was Murder House and Hotel. My third would have to be Asylum.

Unfortunately, Sons of Anarchy is over, which is SOOO sad! I watched all the seasons within a month and loved it.

I also like the show Scandal, but it’s not my favorite, I’m happy there is a new season out now, it took forever!

What are your favorite TV Shows?



2 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite TV Shows

  1. aussiebaker says:

    I’ll just get Game of Thrones out of the way as we all know about that. But I loved the breaking series.

    I love sitcoms so I’ve watched a lot of Seinfeld, Raymond, Modern family but my favorite was How I met your Mother. (:

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