Lush Cosmetics – Massage Bar – Soft Coeur (the Honeymooner) Review


Rating: 5/5

If you ever have a chance to go to Lush Cosmetics, or order from the store online, do it! Their handmade, all natural products are amazing and really do a great job of whatever they’re for. One of my favorite things to buy from Lush is this little heart shaped massage bar that smells like chocolate and almonds. I’ve been buying this product for such a long time, because the smell is ADDICTING. It makes my skin so smooth and shiny, and dries pretty quickly. It’s great for massages, as it makes it much easy to massage an area of your body. I really wish there was a body creme just like this, with the same smell and quality, because it’s that amazing.

“Our soft-hearted, melty massage bar is designed for lovers and romantic trysts. Soft Coeur got its name from the delectable union of honey and chocolate in a soft center. You can break the heart in half to reveal the messy chocolate middle and melt it all over your favorite body to make him or her extra tasty. In fact, it’s as good for your skin as it is for your relationship. Creamy cocoa butter, softening cocoa powder and almond oil condition your skin to leave it smooth while the honey chocolate scent makes your mouth water. Delicious!”



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