February ’16 Favorites – Beauty Must Haves!

Hi all! It’s about time I posted some of my favorite beauty products that I tried in February 2016. I’m a little late but still wanted to go ahead and do it anyway! I’ve written reviews on quite a few of these products so be sure to check around my website for those! I cannot believe it’s March already and once again this year is flying by. Happy March!

Nivea In Shower Lotion

This lotion is amazing and leaves my body so soft! The nice thing about it is it does not require any dry timing, you simply wash it off in the shower and you’re done.

It’s a Ten Conditioner

The best conditioner I have tried, and I’ve tried many. Makes my dyed hair look so healthy and avoids leaving my hair oily. It is a bit costy but worth it.

NYX Lip Lingerie Lip Stain

I love this lip stain line and the product stays on for hours. It’s only $7 per lip stain which is worth it.

Hourglass Mechanical Glass Eyeliner

Such a great eyeliner, I’m glad I found it! Goes on smooth and dark!

Garnier MiCellar Makeup Remover

A perfect make-up remover with no chemicals! My skin is sensitive so this works perfectly, does not cause breakouts.

NYX CC Cream

This was my first time trying any type of foundation and it’s very good. It’s very light and has antioxidants that keeps skin very soft. I guess it is more of a color corrector rather than foundation. Definitely worth a try!



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