Ipsy Bag – February 2016

Ipsy is a website where you can subscribe and pay 10$ per month, with free shipping and get a make-up bag with five sample products in the mail. The nice thing about Ipsy is that you can personalize what your style is, and they will send a new bag every month according to your style! It’s awesome and feels like getting a new gift every month. 🙂 This month was my first month with Ipsy, I had been trying for a while to subscribe monthly, but they had a long wait because it’s so popular now.


I like this mini make-up bag because it fits in my purse and holds the necessary make-up products. For only $10, you really can’t beat a new make-up bag and products every month.


Mr. Write Now Brown Eyeliner

I don’t really wear brown crayon eyeliner, and have never heard of this brand, but overall it’s a good eyeliner and goes on well. Another great thing about Ipsy is that they will send a lot of products full size (not sample size), like this eyeliner.


Ciate Mini Red Nail Polish

I’m guessing they chose red for February and Valentine’s Day! Lol, anyways, I love this color so much, it is sample size.


Curology Lip Balm – BEESWAX, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera

This lip balm is a little bigger than sample size and makes an awesome lip balm.


Vintage Pink Sequin Lipgloss by Jessica Leibeskind

Vintage Pink Lipgloss came with the make-up bag in sample size, it is pretty but I’m not a fan of overly shimmery lipgloss.


Trestique Bora Bora Coral Baby Blush Stick

At first I thought this was lipstick, but it’s actually a blush stick! I like the color a lot and it isn’t too dramatic. This came in sample size.

Overall, I’m definitely excited about the Ipsy bag and definitely understand what all the hype was about! It’s a low price to try new products for skincare, make-up, hair, etc. and does a great job of advertising products. Click Here to Check Out Ipsy’s Glambags!



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