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I am a major beauty product junkie, I have tried so many products and literally will not stop until I find something that works for me. What a coincidence because after reading the reviews, it seems these items work for lot of other people as well. Of course, not everyone has the same hair or skin type, so every hair or skin product may react differently. I will say I have thin hair and a lot of it, it doesn’t frizz up but it does need volume. As for my skin, it isn’t oily or dry, but it is sensitive so there are a lot of products I can’t use, such as most cleansers, foundations, bronzers, etc. I am really into natural and chemical free products, but unfortunately it is hard to find good ones that actually work and aren’t crazy expensive.


Of course, who doesn’t need shampoo? Lol, my hair is so important to me, and Nexus shampoo along with John Freida are the only shampoos that do not make my hair oily after a few hours. Plus, my hair is dyed and this does a good job at locking the color and making my hair shiny. It usually costs about $18.


Of course, conditioner is important too! I do like the Nexus conditioner, but unfortunately it does make my hair oily. I cannot stress enough about how everyone should try It’s a 10 Miracle Daily Conditioner! This stuff is da bomb lolz. But really, it completely did a 180 on my hair and made it so healthy after one use. Retail is usually about $20-$30.


A leave-in conditioner is a must have, RedKen One United is a multi-benefit spray that is awesome as a leave-in conditioner, has so many great benefits.


As most of you may know, washing your hair every day is not good for it. Unfortunately, my hair gets so oily if I go a day without washing it, and this dry shampoo really works. Most dry shampoos require you to spray them on your hair when it is dry, but with this shampoo it is sprayed on when hair is damp and you can go a few days without washing it without it becoming gross. I found this at Target on super sale for $3 so I decided to try it!


Of course, curling cream! I’ve been looking all over for a good cream that will actually hold curls, consider my hair is naturally straight, my curls never stay. With this cream, put it on your hair when it is damp and once dry curl it and the curls will hold all day. I found this at Target on super sale for $2.


Of course, face wash, as stated earlier I have sensitive skin and this is awesome for me. A bit expensive at $30, but worth it, and also chemical free.


Of course, a face masque, to keep your skin looking healthy, use at least twice a week for best results. $25


A moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated all day. The only reason I use all of the same brands is because this is the only brand that works for my skin. I highly suggest using a moisturizer daily to keep your skin healthy. $20


Revitalift by Loreal is a product that is applied under the eyes to prevent wrinkles, bags under eyes, and lift eye area to make them look healthier. The purpose that I found for this product that worked best for me is prevention of bags under eyes, it works! $14


Of course, this may not be on everyone’s must have beauty lists, but it’s definitely on mine. A good tanning lotion that gives you a great tan and doesn’t require you to go to the salon more than once a week. $45


Even if you aren’t a person who wears a lot of make-up, eyeliner is a must have! I love eyeliner, can’t go without it and love the depth it adds to eyes. This eyeliner is the best eyeliner I’ve ever used, so easy to put on and looks absolutely amazing. I’m not big on spending a lot of money on make-up, but this is so worth it. $30


You might be asking why I would have a white lip pencil on my must have beauty products LOL but there is a good reason! About a year ago someone as Sephora told me a trick to keeping my lipstick on – white lip pencil! Put it all over your lips, let dry, and apply lipstick. It will last for a long time and saves a lot of money before buying lip primer (so expensive!).


So important, a chapstick that actually works. I cannot tell you how many chapsticks I have gone through that I just have to keep reapplying, it’s a real pain! This is an organic chapstick from NuboNau that literally makes your lips baby soft and lasts all day. I found this little store in San Diego, California and absolutely loved it.  $6


This is probably the best straighter I’ve had, makes my hair so straight and shiny.


Last but not least, a body cream/lotion that works for your skin.

Well, I’m sure you all think I’m crazy with how many products I have used, but that’s ok! Until next time………………………




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